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#skid_profession_guide: Let’s talk about freelance

Today we see this word more often in the news, in the headlines of profiles in Instagram or Facebook, in job descriptions. Why is it so popular to be a freelancer? What benefits does it bring in compare to normal work? What are the possible risks of such activities? We will try to tell you about this in a new article in the column  #skid_profession_guide. So what is a freelance? On the one hand, it’s a fabulous world without alarms, … Continue reading “#skid_profession_guide: Let’s talk about freelance”

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#skid_profession_guide: Art of copywriting

The next profession in our set #skid_profession_guide is a copywriter (from English copy – manuscript, text + write – write). Copywriter creates texts for which he receives money. Synonyms for the job title are the concept of “advertising journalist” and “developer of commercial texts.” That is, the main copywriter’s responsibilities are to write texts that are similar in style to the language of their readers, to be able to interest and persuade, to clearly and concisely inform the benefits of … Continue reading “#skid_profession_guide: Art of copywriting”

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#skid_profession_guide: Dream job

How does  Mickey Mouse is different from a gray field mouse? Just PR. Modern companies are terribly interested in formation a special image and maintaining an impeccable reputation. They seek to be solid and reliable in the eyes of potential partners, clients, and the public. This is for what do we need PR-managers, and we will devote to it a new publication of the #skid_profession_guide. PR – is a special technology to promote the necessary ideas “to the people”. It … Continue reading “#skid_profession_guide: Dream job”