Scientific cluster “IntelliGO” is a scientific environment for students launched in 2001. In September 2015, the group “Documentation and Information Activity” was transformed into a group «Scientific cluster «IntelliGO» in order to attract students to the research work of the SKID Department, to deepen the level of knowledge, to improve the skills and abilities, to use the creative potential in solving current problems and to establish cooperation with the student organizations of Ukraine.

IntelliGO has set the goal to engage gifted students into the scientific and educational activities of the department in a free time. Science in the group is popularizing interesting and unobtrusively. The students like it and they are willing to join the scientific cluster. You can also try and understand your writing capabilities here. IntelliGO gives you a possibility and opportunity to develop, a chance to show yourself.

When joined to IntelliGo, students learn how to write thesis,to execute bibliographic description, to speak at conferences, successfully create presentations, to attract listeners. The scientific cluster helps to prepare for foreign conferences and write an article to the international newsletter. Almost all faculty members are actively involved in this work, they prepare interesting presentations for other students, conduct informative seminars, conversations and discussions. Thanks to the group, not only students, but also teachers are improving constantly.

The result of the students’ scientific work in the cluster is the expansion of scientific interests, realization of experimental research, the development of scientific thinking  to analyze the actual problems systemically , to speak publicly , the ability to defend and argue their own position.

Meetings with competent and interesting people, prominent personalities and professionals in the areas of library science, marketing, social communications and information technologies are taking place in the group, in which students gain valuable experience and inspiration. After all, young people should be aware of the trends of their profession. The materials of discussion and photos from workshops are published on the IntelliGO page and the SKID Faculty at Facebook. There were more than 15 such meetings since September 2015. The invited guests were delighted about the enthusiasm of students and are willing to continue to cooperate with the group.

The scientific cluster “IntelliGO” has proved that the Ukrainian scientific activity of students is competitive and necessary at the international level. This is confirmed by the published research papers of the group participants in peer-reviewed journals in the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, India, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria. 3 scientific papers and 5 conference materials are located at the scientific and metric base of Scopus.


Sections of the scientific cluster IntelliGO:

  • Information and communication technologies in the Internet and WWW.
  • Electronic democracy and e-government.
  • Library, archival and museum activities in the context of the development of the information society.
  • Information management.

Meetings of the scientific cluster are held on Tuesdays in the 524 audience , IV educational building  during the 5 class in a free time. The subject of the meeting is announced on the page of the SKID Faculty in Facebook. The head of scientific cluster IntelliGo is PhD., associate professor Fedushko S. S. Deputy manager – assistant Trach O. R. and PhD. Bilushak T.M. The group monitor – 5-year student  Yanovska A.

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