SKID Active

Student’s club “SKID Active” is a community of active, initiative and purposeful  students and postgraduates. The main task of the club’s creation and activity is to ensure the self-realization of students in various spheres of public life.


The implementation of student’s projects contributes to the formation of well-developed, well-educated, socially active individuals capable of self-improvement.

“SKID Active” mission  is an increase of students’ social activity, increase of initiative and responsibility for their tasks.

The main tasks of the student's club are:

· to promote the comprehensive harmonious development of students;

· an effective use of creative potential of students, self-affirmation of each student as a bright individuality;

· an involvement of student in active social work, meaningful activities and healthy lifestyle;
· formation of leadership qualities and skills in the team;
· development of organizational qualities and ability to work in a team;

 ·  an association into a single collective of participants of a student club and staff of the department;

 · gaining experience in creating innovative projects and their implementation;

 · formation and popularization of the image of the SKID department  among students and entrants;

 · developing the skills of using information and multimedia technologies among students (video and photography of student events, creation of artistic photographs, video clips, etc.).

Participants of the student’s club “SKID Active” initiate and conduct such interesting projects for students as:

  • Intellectual tournament “What? Where? When?”
  • Student magazine “SKID Digest” and “Svizhachok
  • Book Action “Bookcrossing”
  • Photo projects (#skidselfie)
  • Student Vertep
  • Exhibition of hobbies
  • SKID-talents
  • Organization of excursions and trips to theater / cinema;
  • Sport. Football“(students, teachers)
  • Creative evenings and art exhibitions
  • Volunteer projects (action “Draw Easter eggs”);
  • Charity actions (“St. Nicholas for children of ATO participants”).

This is far from the complete list of activities of the student’s club “SKID Active”. Through the implementation of these projects students, faculty members and guests of the SKID department have the opportunity to fully understand the life of creative and active individuals.

Head of «SKID Active» is PhD., associate professor Fedushko S.S. Deputy manager – PhD., associate professor Serov Yu.O. and senior lecturer Dumanskyi N.O. The club’s monitor is a student of the second year of the magistracy Romanovskaya I.

The work of the club is carried out every Monday and Thursday in 524 audience IV educational building  from 13.45 to 14.15 (a big break) in the free time.

Welcome to our family "SKID Active"!