SKID Digest

The magazine “SKID Digest” was founded in May 2016 on the initiative of PhD., assistant professor Fedushko S. S. The edition informs about the life of the SKID department, tells about its graduates, teaches students and teachers on selected topics, shares advice and recommendations, writes about student hobbies, motivates young people to take an active position and develop their talents.

The students of the SKID  department along with the teachers create a student illustrated edition.

The editorial board consists of Editor-in-Chief, teacher Solomiya Fedushko; the literary editor responsible for the text content, the student of IV course Anthonia Yanovska and the student of the second year of the magistracy Olga Shmakova, who works on the layout and design of the magazine.

Other students and teachers who seek material for articles, interviews, attend events  that accompany photo surveys, interviews and process statistics are also involved in the work.

The magazine consists of permanent headings: SKID Faces, Student Hobbies, 5 Minutes of Poetry, interviews with lecturers and students, activities and achievements of IntelliGO and SKID Active, #skid_profession_guide, events and announcements of the SKID Department and Lviv Polytechnic. Each release contains 20 illustrated pages. It is published every two seasons.

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