#skid_profession_guide: Art of copywriting

The next profession in our set #skid_profession_guide is a copywriter (from English copy – manuscript, text + write – write). Copywriter creates texts for which he receives money. Synonyms for the job title are the concept of “advertising journalist” and “developer of commercial texts.”

That is, the main copywriter’s responsibilities are to write texts that are similar in style to the language of their readers, to be able to interest and persuade, to clearly and concisely inform the benefits of the advertised object, unobtrusively encouraging to buy it. At first sight copywriting may seem to have nothing to do with literary activity, but in reality, this requires a lot of skill and creative abilities to apply special logic, order and style of information that affects the outcome of the work directly. And with the use of SEO-technologies copywriting becomes an integral part of the process of promoting websites on the Internet.


The main skills of a copywriter are:

– know “what to write about”;

– find information on the Internet and through communication with people;

– to structure text;

– to argue and persuade;

– effectively present data;

– knowledge of English for the qualitative processing of information from abroad.

As of today, the copywriter’s salary level in Ukraine ranges from 2500-5000 UAH (according to http://ua.trud.com).

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