#skid_profession_guide: Dream job

How does  Mickey Mouse is different from a gray field mouse? Just PR.

Modern companies are terribly interested in formation a special image and maintaining an impeccable reputation. They seek to be solid and reliable in the eyes of potential partners, clients, and the public. This is for what do we need PR-managers, and we will devote to it a new publication of the #skid_profession_guide.

PR – is a special technology to promote the necessary ideas “to the people”. It should not be confused with advertising, because, unlike the latter, PR comes unnoticed.

The work of PR specialists is primarily in gathering source information and building campaign goals. Then there is “bridge construction” with the press, preparation and mailing of press releases, search for experts and keeping contacts with journalists. Any action of a PR-manager should fall clearly to the target – an interested audience. No important event in the life of the company can go unnoticed by journalists and, as a consequence, the public.  After the implementation of campaign  PR-manager analyzes the results, feedbacks, eliminates the disadvantages, makes adjustments to the next promotion and the story begins from scratch.

In politics, these specialists deal with myths and information struggle. They convert invisible candidates to bright characters. They lead “guerrilla warfare” against competitors.

The high aerobatics of the PR manager’s work is not a mere mention of the organization, but its constant, “background” recognition.

What needs the PR manager (most of the points you will be taught on #SKID ) :

– basic  knowledge and principles of advertising and PR-management;

– the basics of marketing, management, economics;

– ability to work with business correspondence;

– ability to write articles, reviews, press releases, promotional materials;

– sociability, activity, knowledge of the rules of etiquette, ability to express clearly;

– presentable appearance;

– creative approach to work;

– stress resistance.

In general, PR-manager is a stereotyped “fashion” profession. Most students who seek to master it, believe that they will become а part of the bohemia and will receive a high salary just for sitting in front of the monitor. In fact, the work of “PR” involves high activity, and people without spark, most likely, do not implement it here.

As of today, the level of PR-manager’s salaries in Ukraine ranges from UAH 6,000-10000. (according to http://ua.trud.com)

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