#skid_profession_guide: Let’s talk about freelance

Today we see this word more often in the news, in the headlines of profiles in Instagram or Facebook, in job descriptions. Why is it so popular to be a freelancer? What benefits does it bring in compare to normal work? What are the possible risks of such activities? We will try to tell you about this in a new article in the column  #skid_profession_guide.

So what is a freelance?

On the one hand, it’s a fabulous world without alarms, morning runs from home to bus, attempts to have time to have a normal breakfast, take a shower, prepare an appropriate office-style clothing, a world where there are no directors and subordinates, quarrels between colleagues and investigations where are your sandwich from refrigerator. 

On the other hand, this is a work on weekends, at nights in case of the urgency of the task, and a certain instability of earnings for beginners, when it comes to searching the projects, and the lack of social benefits, and, of course, it is a lack of communication . If you are not frightened by the listed – you can calmly try yourself in “free work” .

Freelance is the decision not to work in the office, not to be tied to work schedules, place, time, manager, and “work for yourself.” When you are a freelancer, you are looking for a job by yourself, you are responsible for the quality of the performance, you determine the time of day, which is more convenient for you to work, you choose the format of work according to your strength / mood / desire to earn.  The material payment you will receive depends on how many tasks you will accomplish.

Who can work in the field of freelance? Roughly speaking, anyone with a computer / laptop / phone and free internet access can work as a freelancer. As for professions, it’s mainly translators, designers, journalists, photographers, illustrators, copywriters, advertising and PR-specialists, programmers, marketers, site developers and support specialists, etc.

So, if you are looking for additional earnings while studying and have creative abilities, several works for a portfolio, you can organize your own time well and are ready to work on yourself – why wait? Feel free to become a freelancer!


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