An entertainment and reference magazine for students “Svizhachok” was created in February 2016. The founder and permanent editor-in-chief of the publication is the senior teacher Nestor Dumanskyi.

The main idea of the magazine is to convey interesting and useful information for students, to show the  learning as an exciting lesson, to show how they can learn more easily, to advise cognitive resources, to motivate and inspire young people to gain the right skills in their later life.

The magazine is published once a month. The volume is 8 illustrated pages of A5 format.

Permanent sections are recent events and news on various topics that interest students. Each time in magazine are published the results of surveys of young people and teachers, recommendations of books, films, music, announcements of upcoming events, interesting contests and riddles.

During the first year of its existence, “Svizhachok“:

conducted 7 contests, amongwhich 2 seasons of the intellectual game “What? Where? When?”;

  •  told the students about 14 holidays;
  •  talked to 4 well-known people, interviews 2 of which have been published;
  •  interviewed about 500 students and teachers;
  • raised 3 urgent social problems;
  • changed the format twice.

All editions of "Svizhachok"

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In the near future, we plan to expand our staff, to recruit new journalists, editors, linguists, photographers, ideological and creative students to our team.

Do you want to join? Go ahead!